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Learning Pathways – An introduction

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This learning pathway introduces the concept of what a "Learning Pathway" is, what the learner will achieve by completing learning pathways and why One Ocean Learn is interested in promoting learning pathways

Pathway Description

What are Learning pathways?

A learning pathway is exactly what it sounds like. It is a carefully constructed roadmap, that will guide the learner through the learning content. They break content into digestible chunks, enabling the learner to take manageable steps toward the finish line.

Learners have access to virtually unlimited information at their fingertips these days, intimidatingly so. learning pathways take all of this information and create structure around it. This structure focuses on concepts that are considered true and thus are approved by the content provider.

Although the term learning pathway is used to refer to courses that can be taken to earn either credits and or certificates, here in One Ocean Learn we use the term to indicate a careful curation of knowledge resources.

Why complete a learning pathway?

  1. It allows the learner to acquire a new set of knowledge that is quality checked.
  2. It gives the learner a place to track progress toward identified learning goals.
  3. It provides a sense of empowerment for the learner. The structure is flexible so the learners can fit their learning needs with time and energy.

Why is One Ocean Learn promoting learning pathways?

There are unlimited knowledge products available to learners. In the One Ocean Learn site itself, we have carefully curated over 1000 resources. This can be overwhelming. Learning pathways provide structure for learners interested in oceans to explore and learn more about specific topics related to oceanography.

One Ocean Learn intends to add many more Learning pathways in the future on specific topics of interest to promote interest and enthusiasm about the role oceans play in nature, human lives and the need to study and manage them.

How are learning pathways structured?

When the learner clicks on a learning pathway that interests them, they will find a landing page that will introduce the topic, specify learning outcomes and mention the time required for completing the entire learning pathway. However, they are flexible, learners can pick and choose what they want to learn, and the time they can spend on the same.

Clicking on the “Start Learning pathway” button will take the learners to modules with the curated resources.

Currently, there is no provision to earn a certificate. Learners are requested to self regulate their progress.



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