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Organize a virtual conference: enhance participation easily

Target Group
  • Researchers,
  • Students,
  • Teachers,
  • Youth
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This learning pathway aims to equip researchers, policymakers, students, and other stakeholders involved with oceans and their governance to organise online conferences and webinars. The aim is to demystify Virtual and Hybrid Events, to increase reach using the power of the web. The focus of this learning pathway is on e-facilitation skills, presentation skills and an orientation to different tools, techniques and platforms available for the organisation of an impactful online conference.

Pathway Description

Learn about different kinds of Virtual Events, and how to create content, schedule and facilitate for success.

What you’ll learn

  • How to plan and organise a virtual event.
  • How to effectively use modern collaboration tools to your advantage.
  • General Knowledge applicable to all event planning¬†
Time Required for the completion of the full pathway – 6 hrs

NOTE that you need not complete the entire learning pathway in one lesson.

Learning Outcomes

NOTE It is up to the learner to measure their progress against the learning outcomes indicated below. There will be no facilitated assessments of the same.

By the end of this course you should be able to do the following :

  • Select what type of virtual event best suits your needs
  • Design event content and flow.
  • Know who you need in your technical team to run a smooth event
  • Maximise audience engagement for your event.

Pathway Content

Module 1 MODULE 1: What are Online, On premise and Hybrid conferences

Understanding Conferences, why and when should they be organised and introduction to different kinds of conferences

Module 2 MODULE 2: How to develop an impactful presentation

This collection of resources will help you learn tips and tricks of planning presentations, different tools that can be used to design presentations and effective way to deliver it.

Module 3 MODULE 3: E-facilitation skills for an engaged audience

This module demystifies technical concepts and information about group facilitation.

Module 4 MODULE 4: Storyboard development

Storyboard development

Module 5 MODULE 5: Further reading

Further reading

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