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IOC/OTGA/OD co-design for the Ocean Decade [Self-paced online course]

Mia Strand, Bernadette Snow and others


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  • 2024
Target Group
  • Community workers,
  • Researchers,
  • Policy makers,
  • Students
  • English
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This course aims to provide participants with a solid foundation in Co-design methodologies, with a specific focus on the United Nations' Ocean Decade initiative.

This course is designed to equip participants with a fundamental understanding and practical skills in Co-design methodologies, particularly in the context of the United Nations’ Ocean Decade initiative. It aims to extend the reach of Co-design training to a global audience, enhancing the capacity of various ocean communities to effectively contribute to collaborative ocean research and policy-making.

Key Content:

1). Introduction to Co-Design and the Ocean Decade: Understanding the basic concepts of co-design and its significance in the Ocean Decade’s framework.

2). Principles and Elements of Co-Design: Exploring the key elements and steps involved in co-design, including stakeholder identification and engagement strategies.

3). Vision Setting and Partnership Building: Learning how to set joint visions and establish effective, equitable partnerships in Co-design projects.

4). Stakeholder Involvement: Techniques for identifying, mapping, and engaging stakeholders in a Co-design process.

5). Equal Partnership and Collaboration: Insights into ensuring equal partnership and collaboration in Co-design initiatives.

6). Sustainability and Impact: Strategies for sustaining the impact of co-design projects, including funding avenues and impact pathways.