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Department of Marine and Fisheries Sciences, University of Ghana

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The Department is Ghana’s foremost centre directly concerned with marine environmental research and training of fisheries scientists among her institutions of higher learning.

Brief Overview of the Department

The study of marine and fisheries sciences is increasingly become important considering the huge resources derived from the ocean and coastal systems. The ocean drives the global climate, provides numerous socio-economic benefits for broad stakeholders ranging from families, communities and nations.

The Department, which was established in 1962 by a statute of the University of Ghana, however academic programmes of the department started in 1998. The department provides teaching towards the award of BSc, MSc/MPhil and PhD degrees in Marine and Fisheries Sciences; as well as Coastal Zone Management. In addition, the department provides various specialised short and long term training in aquaculture fish production and freshwater fish disease management, fisheries statistics, fish processing, marine ecosystem modelling, conservation in marine birds, turtles, among others.

Our faculty and staff have over the many years gathered considerable experience in fisheries and marine research which we unreservedly carry out knowledge transfer to our students, and contribute to national and international discourse on matters to promote an environmentally heathier ocean.
Our student population, which keeps increasing year after year, is poised to combine knowledge from the classroom and innovations in solving everyday problems that affect the productivity of the ocean, conservation of aquatic animals and plants, and the understanding of processes that drive the morpho-dynamics of our coasts.