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Customary Laws of the Coast and Sea Research Group – The Story So Far (Part Two): Decolonizing Marine Governance and Law: Contributions from living customary law along the coast in South Africa

Dr Jackie Sunde is part of the One Ocean Hub Research Team in the Department of Environmental and Geographical Science at the University of Cape Town.

In this presentation, Dr Sunde explores the impact of colonisation on the customary laws of coastal communities in South Africa, focusing particularly on the Gongqose case (Gongqose SCA 2018) and the experience of the first community to use a living customary law defence to assert their customary fishing rights in South Africa.

This presentation forms part of the “Customary Laws of the Sea & the Legacy of Colonisation” event occurring on 11 June 2020 as part of the One Ocean Hub’s ( series of events in collaboration with UN World Oceans Day 2020 (