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Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA)

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  • sustainable development,
  • marine science
Target Group
  • Researchers,
  • Policy makers
  • English
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The organization is dedicated to promoting the educational, scientific and technological development of all aspects of marine sciences throughout the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) region.


The Aim/Purpose Statement:

“The aim of the Association is to advance regional co-operation in all aspects of coastal and marine sciences (including socio-economic and management sciences) and management, and to support sustainable development in the Western Indian Ocean Region, while promoting interdisciplinary and multi disciplinary approaches.”

Underlying this Aim/Purpose, is WIOMSA’s Vision:

“By 2020, WIOMSA will be recognized widely as a leader in promoting the development of marine and coastal science professionals, advancing marine and coastal science, and promoting the conservation and sustainable development of coastal and marine environment.”


The governing organs of WIOMSA are the General Assembly, The Board of Trustees, The Secretariat and the Country Coordinators.
The General Assembly comprises Individual, Associate, Student, Fellow and Honorary Members as well as representatives of Institutional members. The General Assembly is the decision making arm of the Association that meets once every three years to formulate policy, endorse programs, reports and budgets of the association. It is also elects members of the Board of Trustees and Country Coordinators.
The WIOMSA Board of Trustees is the Executive arm of the Association that implements the decisions of the General Assembly and regulates and supervises the affairs of WIOMSA. The Board consists of 6 elected members and may appoint up to 2 co-opted members who are non-voting members and may not stand for Presidency of the Association. The Board of Trustees is led by the President and has a Vice-President and Treasurer as Board Officials. The Board is elected by Paid WIOMSA members and students every three years. Board Members are eligible for re-election for a one more consecutive term in office. The Board meets at least once a year.
The Secretariat, headed by the Executive Secretary has the responsibility of implementing policy and action plans established by the Board to ensure the efficient and effective conduct of the Business of the Association.
WIOMSA has 10 elected Country Coordinators whose primary function us to provide a link between the Secretariat and the members. Country Coordinator elections are held every three years, after the Board meeting and like Board Members, Country Coordinators can stand for elections for up to 2 consecutive terms.

The Association has been incorporated and registered under the Laws of Zanzibar in 1994. The Board of Trustees performs their duties and functions as provided for under the provisions of this Constitution and Laws applicable in Zanzibar. WIOMSA is also legally bound by the Act for the Zanzibar Registration and Control of Organizations of 1995. WIOMSA was re-registered under this act in 2000. This act also provides for WIOMSA to be registered in Tanzania Mainland and the Western Indian Ocean under clause 4(i)