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Hassan Abouseda brings over 18 years of profound expertise in space operations, Radio Regulations, Space law, and policy to the forefront. Currently serving as the Director of the Frequency Coordination Department at the Egyptian Space Agency, Hassan is at the nexus of global efforts to ensure compliance with ITU Radio Regulations.

In his distinguished career, Hassan has led satellite registration activities, negotiated coordination agreements, and actively engaged in spectrum management. His pivotal role extends to representing the Egyptian Space Agency at the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, emphasizing the crucial intersection of space law and radio regulations.

As a certified professional by international organizations including ITU, UNOOSA, NASA, and ISRO, Hassan is uniquely positioned to contribute valuable insights to the global space community. His extensive experience in space policy, science, and technology policy, coupled with a commitment to innovation, underscores his dedication to bridging the digital divide.

As we approach WRC-23, Hassan Abouseda is primed to deliver a compelling perspective on spectrum coordination and the evolving landscape of radio regulations. His active participation in conferences on space debris, space situational awareness, and space traffic management reflects a visionary leader committed to shaping the future of space exploration.