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Lygia Barbosa

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Working as a filmmaker, with more than 30 years of experience in the film industry, I started my career as 1st AD in advertising films; music videos and feature film such as Castelo Ratimbum directed by Cao Hamburger.

I’m Passionate about real stories and my main work is documentary.

20 Poucos Anos; 8 episodes series and the first Brazilian reality show. MTV Brazil, 2000/2001. Director;


Zapping Zone; daily program, Disney Channel. Produced by RGB, 2002-2003. Director;

Chasing Che, Latin America in a Motorcycle; 10 episodes series for National Geographic Channel International, inspired by Che Guevara’s book. Produced by Canal Azul, 2006. Director;


Back to Bikini; 52’ documentary shot in Bikini Atoll for FOX/NatGeo. Produced by Canal Azul, 2007. Director;

Across the Amazon; 6 episodes series about an expedition that crossed the extreme east to west of South America throughout the Trans-Amazonian road. NatGeo Channel International. Produced by Canal Azul and Bossa Nova films, 2008/2009. Director;


Caco e Dado; animation and live action series. TV Cultura and Gloob Channel. Produced by Bossa Nova films, 2009/2010. Original idea and director.


Secret Brazil; 3 episodes series. NatGeo Channel International. Script by Jeremy Evans. Produced by Bossa Nova films and Canal Azul, 2011/2012. Director;


Fighting to Win; feature length documentary. Combate Channel, TV Globo and UFC. 2015. Executive producer. Winner at the Annual Copenhagen Film Festival 2017.

Laerte-se; 1st original Brazilian documentary for Netflix. 2013-2017. Executive producer and director. It’s All True Documentary Festival, official selection 2017.

Haenyeo Wisdom of the Sea; documentary shot in South Korea. TV Cultura and NatGeo, sponsored by KOCCA. 2017/2018. Director and producer;


Temple Flavors, The Simplicity of Healing; documentary filmed in South Korea, sponsored by KOCCA. TV Cultura. 2018/2019. Producer and director;


Fisher’s Voice (working title); in production; filmed in 6 different countries about the essential truth of coastal communities, their daily challenges caused by the phenomena of mankind's predatory actions. This project won 1st place in the KCA (South Korea) funds and is a co-production with Gongzakso production Company. 2019. Director and producer;


Mar Brazil; 10 episodes series, filmed throughout the Brazilian coast with Luciano Candisani. Produced by Ocean Films, 2020/2021. Director. Editing stage.


Invaders; feature length documentary about invaders species in Brazil


International Co-Production experience:


South Korean co-production for KBS since 2014:

Producer in Brazil of 10 minutes documentaries for KBS, The World is Now program, covering the following subjects:

Venezuelan refugees and prostitution in Brazilian Northern borders;

Military missions combating frontier crimes;

Social and environmental impacts of the Hydropower Belo Monte, Amazonia;

The 2020 pandemic scenario in Brazil and its impact in poor people live.


Feature length documentaries for KBS: Korean broadcasting system          


Tears of Favela, the life and struggle of a family with a drug dealer son, manager of Red Command Cartel, in Jardim Gramacho slum, just before the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. 2016.

Pantanal; The wildlife behavior in the world’s biggest wetland.

Amazonia; The impact on local population health due to the decrease of fish in the Amazon region.

Mosquito and Climate Change.


International Series

Wallace The Great Journey, a 3 part series in co- production with South Korea, in production


Academic information:

Majored in Cinema. FAAP University, São Paulo, Brazil.

Extension Courses. UCLA, Los Angeles, California.

Language skills: native speaker Portuguese, fluent in English and Spanish, learning Korean.