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Presentation skills

Open Learn

The Open University

This is a short lesson from a course called "Effective communication in the workplace". This has useful tips and tricks to help plan for a presentation.



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PowerPoint for Windows training



PowerPoint for Windows training from Microsoft Office Support

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Massive online open course on marine litter


UN environment programme

This course is designed to share the latest knowledge and approaches to measuring and managing marine plastic pollution from land-based sources to achieve local, national and regional goals.

Sharing Book chapter

Ensuring mutual supportiveness of the Paris agreement with other multilateral environmental agreements: A focus on ocean-based climate action

Elisa Morgera and Mitchell Lennan

One Ocean Hub, University of Strathclyde, UK

An interconnectivity between the climate, the ocean and biodiversity and their interdependency with human rights, and legal frameworks such as the Paris Agreement and international law.

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Open Online Course on Gender and Environment



This course will help you better understand the linkages between gender and the environment.

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Introductory Course to Gender and the Environment

United Nations Environment Programme

United Nations Environment Programme, One Ocean Hub University of Strathclyde

This course provides an introduction to gender and the environment including in relation to issues such as access to resources and the exacerbation of gender inequalities caused by climate change.