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Library Glossary

Ocean+ Library

Sarah Cummings

World Conservation Monitoring Centre, UN Environment Programme

Ocean+ Library connects to the latest data and online resources on ocean biodiversity.


Source Database

Small-Scale Fisheries Resource & Collaboration Hub

The Small-Scale Fisheries Resource and Collaboration Hub is an online, interactive, and multilingual platform for small-scale fishers, fish workers, and their communities and allies.


Source Database

World Ocean Database

The World Ocean Database (WOD) is world's largest collection of uniformly formatted, quality controlled, publicly available ocean profile data.

Source Database

Ocean Data Platform

the Ocean Data Platform will be an open collaborative tool that liberates and aggregates ocean data to create a healthy and productive ocean.

Source Database

The OECD Sustainable Ocean Economy database

The OECD Sustainable Ocean Economy database provides the international community with data and evidence to support decision-making.

Source Database

Child Rights Resource Centre

The most comprehensive source of information on Child Rights.