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Access to ocean data: equity and human rights’ dimensions

Elisa Morgera

One Ocean Hub

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The blog explains that access to ocean data is critical for understanding the health of the ocean and for decision-making on issues, such as marine protected areas and fishing quotas.

Access to ocean data is essential for understanding the health of the ocean, the effectiveness of efforts to protect and sustainably use its resources, and the benefits derived from it. However, only a few countries can afford the risks and costs of deep-sea science endeavors, leading to a lack of access for many countries and their ocean-dependent communities. This exclusion can also lead to neglect of the specific research needs of these countries and their capacities to carry out ocean research. This has implications for human rights, including the right to science and its contributions to the enjoyment of other human rights such as food and health. Ensuring access to ocean data is not just a technical issue, but also a matter of global disparities and human rights considerations. The co-production of ocean knowledge, taking equity and human rights into account, is crucial for transformative change, as well as integrated approaches at the ocean-climate nexus.