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Aniva, Pacific Islands youth speaker at the COP27


Eco-Toa Club, Samoa

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Aniva, a child advisor to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, shares why realising children's rights to a healthy ocean environment is crucial from a climate change perspective.

Aniva is founder of Samoan youth environment group called the Eco-Toa Club and of the Eco-Toa Pacific social media network, as well as a member of the youth advisory board for Children’s Rights International Network. This video shows Aniva’s speaking at the UN COP 27 about the UN General Comment No. 26 on the rights of the child to a healthy environment, and the role policy makers have in upholding these rights. As a youth activist, Aniva shares some of the devastating impacts of climate change in her community in Samoa, including flooding and tropical cyclones she has witnessed. She highlights the value of nature interlinked with human wellbeing according to her culture. Aniva calls on decision-makers to actively support the inclusion and empowerment of youth leadership in contributing to solutions to the climate crisis globally.