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As rising seas destroy Ghana’s coastal communities, researchers warn against a seawall-only solution.

Erica Ayisi

Mongabay News, Ghana

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  • rising sea-levels
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Exploring the use of seawall construction as one of Ghana’s main methods of combatting coastal erosion.

This article, published on 4 March 2002, argues that seawalls may cause more problems than they solve, and that the Ghanaian government should explore more holistic, nature-based solutions for flooding and coastal erosion. Some 37% of Ghana’s coastal land was lost to erosion and flooding between 2005 and 2017. Severe storm surges flooded several communities in 2021, prompting the evacuation of thousands of people. Research indicates around 340 million people worldwide will be affected by global warming-fueled sea level rise by the middle of the century. Ghana’s government is responding to the growing crisis by fortifying some coastal areas with seawalls, but researchers say relying on seawalls alone may do more harm than good.