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Blue Justice: A review of emerging scholarship and resistance movements

Jessica L. Blythe, David A. Gill , Joachim Claudet , Nathan J. Bennett , Georgina G. Gurney , Jacopo A. Baggio , Natalie C. Ban , Miranda L. Bernard , Victor Brun , Emily S. Darling , Antonio Di Franco , Graham Epstein , Phil Franks , Rebecca Horan , Stacy D. Jupiter, Jacqueline Lau , Natali Lazzari , Shauna L. Mahajan , Sangeeta Mangubhai , Josheena Naggea , Rachel A. Turner and Noelia Zafra-Calvo

Cambridge University Press

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  • activism,
  • Blue Justice,
  • coastal communities,
  • culture,
  • ocean heritage,
  • Inclusion,
  • participation
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  • Policy makers
  • English
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This article reviews 5 years of blue justice scholarship and synthesizes some of the key perspectives, developments, and gaps.

Published on January 2023, this scientific article illustrates how coastal communities, Indigenous peoples, and small-scale fishers are intimately connected with the ocean. Yet, these historically and structurally marginalized groups often bear a disproportionate distribution of coastal and marine harms, and are culturally and politically excluded from marine decision-making. In response, calls for blue justice are emerging. Here, the authors review key perspectives, new developments, and gaps in the emerging blue justice scholarship. We also synthesize existing case studies of blue injustices and review some of the many successful examples of grassroots resistance efforts to help define what blue justice entails. This article aims to help center the knowledge, strength, and agency of coastal communities responding to blue injustices. Ultimately, concerted efforts are needed by all to support and empower coastal communities to reject blue injustices and to achieve their diverse aspirations for blue justice.