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Can the Humanities help save the ocean(s)?

Nina Rivers and Ingvild Boberg

One Ocean Hub, University of Strathclyde, UK

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  • indigenous knowledge,
  • transdisciplinarity,
  • Ocean Governance
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The integration of diverse perspectives and forms of knowledge to address the complexity of ocean protection and sustainable management is articulated in this blog.

This blog post discusses how we need the coming together of various ways of knowing the ocean to develop complex and real-life solutions to protecting and sustainably managing the ocean. As the authors emphasise, different people talk about and understand the ocean in many different ways; ‘We saw some of the ways in which the ocean is not just one thing, but also a complex network of different seas. It is both vast and vastly varied. To account for that variation, it is necessary to look at the ocean from many different perspectives’. This also includes how we tell stories about the ocean, which should reflect this variety through interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research.


Citation: Rivers, N. and Boberg. I. 2023. Can the humanities help save the ocean(s)? One Ocean Hub Blog Post.