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COP27 Children and Youth event speaker: Alutha Botha

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University of Strathclyde, UK

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Alutha Botha, youth representative from Nombulelo High School in Makhanda, South Africa was one of the youth speakers at #COP27 Children and Youth Pavilion.

The speaker, Alutha Botha, discusses climate change and identifies the most important priorities for addressing the challenges it presents. The key points comprise:

Spreading awareness: Alutha Botha emphasizes the importance of utilizing media platforms to spread a positive message about climate change. They highlight the need to raise awareness about how climate change affects daily lives and the environment as a whole.

Youth leadership and empowerment: Alutha stresses the significance of empowering the youth to become leaders in addressing climate change. They believe that the current generation of youth is outspoken and expressing their opinions. By granting them permission and support to lead, it allows their voices to be heard and contributes to creating a better future.

Creating scientists for future generations: Alutha concludes by mentioning that empowering the youth as leaders in the fight against climate change will not only raise awareness but also inspire and develop new scientists who can make positive contributions for the betterment of future generations.

Overall, Alutha advocates for utilizing media to spread awareness about climate change and emphasizes the importance of empowering youth as leaders to address the challenges it presents and create a sustainable future.