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COP27 Children and Youth Pavilion speaker: Camila Awo Dzidzor

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University of Strathclyde, UK

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  • Youth,
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Camila Awo Dzidzor from Keta, a coastal fishing community in Volta Region of Ghana, was one of the youth speakers at the at the #COP27 Children and Youth Pavilion.

The video addresses the challenges faced by communities in Keta, Ghana, due to tides and emphasizes the importance of children’s leadership and empowerment in tackling these challenges. The following points are highlighted:

Impact on education: Tides prevent children from going to school as the sea floods the school compounds, leading to closures that can last for weeks or months. Access to education is crucial for progress and development, but tides disrupt the learning environment.

Standard of living: Tides affect the living conditions of children and their families. Homes located near the shore are particularly vulnerable, and the sea invasion can result in homelessness. This also increases the risk of waterborne diseases, impacting their social and physical well-being.

Role of children: The video emphasizes that children, being the ones most affected by tides, have a role to play in finding solutions. Their involvement in discussions on global warming and tides can lead to greater awareness and participation in addressing these issues. They can suggest potential solutions and influence their peers to take action.

Government response: The video criticizes the government for inadequate relief efforts and a lack of realistic plans to mitigate the effects of tides on the environment. While some schools have been relocated by the district assembly to ensure continued education, the broader response from the government is seen as insufficient.

Overall, the video underscores the need for children’s leadership and empowerment in addressing the challenges posed by tides and advocates for effective government action to protect island communities and secure their futures.