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Hub highlights at the ocean literacies dialogues

One Ocean Hub, University of Strachlyde

One Ocean Hub, University of Strathclyde, UK

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The blog below discusses the intriguing events hub researchers contributed to during the Ocean Literacy Dialogues events in Barcelona during the UN Ocean Decade Conference.

Published on May 2024, this blog highlights the Ocean Literacy Dialogues, where Hub researchers participated in several events. Dylan McGarry, a co-founder of Empatheatre, collaborated with UNESCO on “Social sculpture – Empathy in the time of ecological Apartheid.” Hub Director Elisa Morgera co-discussed at a panel on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity values following the screening of “Mapping for Justice,” and later, alongside McGarry and Empatheatre co-founder Mpume Mthombeni, led a group activity. McGarry also presented a paper titled “Adjusting the weave of Ocean Literacy in South Africa” during a panel on innovation within ocean literacy, co-researched with Anna James, advocating for a shift from ocean literacy to ocean fluency. Additionally, early-career researcher Nina Rivers spoke at a panel on ocean literacy and communication, all in collaboration with the UNESCO Ocean Literacy Dialogues.