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Introduction to the Blue Economy

Holly Niner

One Ocean Hub, University of Plymouth Marine Institute, UK

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  • SDGs,
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The presentation by Dr. Holly Niner in particular provides an introductory overview of the origins and widely adopted definition of the blue economy.

This webinar, consists of One Ocean Hub researchers from universities from across the globe sharing the ocean governance expertise regarding the ubiquitous blue economy concept. The event will also share local-level research on the impacts of blue economy initiatives on coastal communities, and the challenges arising from increasing interest among foreign investors in marine spaces and resources. The highlighted presentation by Dr. Holly Niner provides an introductory context regarding the term’s origin, its use alongside similar concepts like the ‘oceans economy’ as well as its objectives. The blue economy is generally defined as an approach to attaining the Sustainable Development Goals by the year 2030, with marine resources serving as a source of economic potential. In addition, the study presented examines the different arrangements of the blue economy interact with the complexity of Agenda 2030 and how the concept may be supporting or undermining this agenda.