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Marine Plastics: Online Discussion

One Ocean Hub

University of Strathclyde, UK

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The aim of this panel discussion is to explore the ongoing work on marine plastics from a range of perspectives, identifying potential gaps and opportunities for collaborations along the way.

Marine plastics have captured the world’s attention over the past few years, with plastic pollution being the most prevalent challenge facing ocean ecosystems as well as human health and the wider environment.

Their ubiquity is unquestionable: no part of the Earth’s ocean is plastic-free, due in large part to the durability of the material, which can take centuries to degrade.

We have become dependent on plastics in our daily lives, and breaking our plastic habits may have unintended effects, including increasing greenhouse gas emissions which would enhance the rate of climate change. It could also be detrimental to jobs, in an industry which employs tens of thousands around the world.

In the past decade, several stakeholders have begun to engage on ways to address this challenge.

Joyce Gachugi, PetCo Kenya
Tatiana Luján, Client Earth
Charles Kosore, Kenya Marine and Fisheries Marine Institute
Zoe Christensen, ReSea Project