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Maya Natuk, Greenland, Youth Speaker at the COP27

Maya Natuk

United Nations

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  • activism,
  • Child Rights,
  • climate,
  • ocean-climate nexus,
  • communities
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  • Students,
  • Policy makers,
  • Community workers,
  • Youth
  • English
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In this video Maya, a climate and children's right activist in Greenland calls upon policy makers to listen to children and their recommendations to the climate crisis

Published on August 8th 2023,  this video shows Maya, a climate and children’s right activist part of the Children’s Advisory team in Greenland, articulates the adverse impacts and risks of climate change in relation to sea level rise, flooding and displacement visible in her community. Such environmental impacts affect the locals’ livelihoods and valued nature-based cultural identities.

Maya calls on young activists to get involved in climate-change advocacy and demands policy makers to listen to children activists and make sustainable choices.