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Netai en Namou Toc (Stories of Mother Ocean)

Erromango Cultural Association

Erromango Cultural Association and the One Ocean Hub

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  • ocean heritage,
  • culture,
  • local knowledge,
  • traditional practices,
  • Story telling,
  • Ocean Governance,
  • ocean literacy
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  • Policy makers
  • English
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Locals in Erromango island in Vanuatu, collaboratively collect island stories for a children's book, about the island's historical challenges and preserving traditional maritime knowlegde.

This short video presents the a project by the people of  Erromango island in the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu, who embraked on the cultural heritage journey to collect the stories across the island for a childrens’ book of The Netai en Namou Toc (Stories of Mother Ocean). The video shows the intergenerational collaboration in the book production process, dealing with the stark colonial and historical past of the island, including de-population and language loss. In this context the video speaks of the urgency of capturing traditional sea-based origin stories, and reviving and preserving traditional maritime knowledge. It also presents the fundamentally intergenerational and collaborative nature of the writing and illustration process of the book.