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Ocean Connection in Algoa Bay. An arts-based participatory research project

Mia Strand

One Ocean Hub

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  • Art,
  • Art and Humanities,
  • indigenous knowledge,
  • indigenous people,
  • research,
  • research in oceans,
  • South Africa,
  • Ocean Governance
Target Group
  • Community workers,
  • Artists,
  • Researchers
  • English
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This project forms part of a PhD project by Mia Strand, and a postdoctoral project led by Dr Nina Rivers. The video provides a snapshot from their arts-based participatory research work.

This video provides an example of a transdisciplinary research project that uses arts-based research to work with Indigenous and local community members in Algoa Bay (South Africa) as co-researchers. The video shows the exhibition of the co-researchers’ photostories about the ocean, and emphasises important aspects and considerations of transdisciplinary collaborations such as the ownership of knowledge outputs, working with people as co-researchers, and the importance of slowing things down.


Video Citation: One Ocean Hub. 2022. Ocean Connections in Algoa Bay. An arts-based participatory research project.