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Poaching of marine living resources: can the tide be turned?

Hendrik, Van As

Institute for Security Studies & University of Cape Town

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  • multistakeholder processes,
  • coastal communities,
  • Illegal fishing,
  • Ocean Governance,
  • human rights,
  • fisheries management
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  • Artists,
  • Policy makers,
  • Researchers,
  • Students,
  • Community workers,
  • Entrepreneurs
  • English
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This article argues South Africa's inadequate national management and international cooperation in IUU fishing control stem from legislation and policies drafted without consultation.

Published in 2020, this article argues that South Africa national management and international co-operation have been inadequate in controlling IUU fishing due to legislation and regulations that were drafted without adequate consultation with coastal communities and policies that criminalized and exclude local communities from accessing marine resources. It calls for the government to take robust policy and tougher stance in pursuing criminal organizations with all the power that the State can muster.