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The Blue Economy: Who knows what?

Kelly Hoareau

Centre for Marine Socioecology, University of Tasmania

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  • Small Island Developing States,
  • blue economy,
  • sustainable development
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This report discusses the blue economy's role in sustainable development for coastal and island nations, with a focus on knowledge management and local engagement, using Seychelles as an example.

Published in 2022, this report discusses the ‘blue economy’ as a key agenda for contemporary coastal and island nations, with a focus on developing (or industrializing) coastal and ocean space for economic prosperity. Key to such an agenda is how the ocean economy can be made more sustainable. The economic and cultural identity of many nations has long been connected to the ocean, particularly for Small Island Developing States (SIDS). The difference now is that connection is intensified with a more coordinated and sustainable approach in mind, one that combines development with environmental stewardship and  conservation. This report gives an overview of the blue economy and highlights knowledge management and the role it plays in supporting an innovative blue economy, particularly in SIDS, highlighting Seychelles as an example. Attention to the blue economy also allows for clearer framing of international engagement and collaboration to ensure that local customs and practices are valued and woven into development and management plans. The chapter highlights how the local knowledge system influences the quality of decision-making, and adaptive management to empower impactful local engagement in advancing a more sustainable ocean economy.