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The future of cold-water coral reefs

Sebastian Hennige and Kelsey Archer Barnhill

One Ocean Hub, University of Strathclyde, UK

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  • global warming,
  • acidification
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This video discusses the climate-change related threats to deep sea ecosystems, specifically to cold water reefs

In this video, researchers from the One Ocean Hub, Sebastian Hennige and Kelsey Archer Barnhill, shed light on the shocks that impact cold-water coral reefs. This video explains the adverse implications of climate-related shocks, such as ocean acidification, on the ability of this specific type of coral reef to support ocean biodiversity. The experimental part of their study has been aimed at understanding and predicting the future changes that will affect these reefs. This includes understanding elements such as the timescales of changes, the extent of change and the impact on biodiversity, as well as what this will mean for various communities.